Starting a New Business? Business Advisor David Chersonsky Explains How To Develop Your Social Media Strategy

David Chersonsky

April 30, 2021

Starting a New Business? Business Advisor David Chersonsky Explains How To Develop Your Social Media Strategy

Leveraging Your Social Media To Kickstart Your Business With David Chersonsky

When you’re a¬łnew business owner, it’s important to use all the tools at your disposal to make people in your community aware of the services you have to offer. According to business advisor David Chersonsky, one of the first steps to a successful business launch is developing a social media strategy.

First, David Chersonsky recommends finding out where your audience tends to spend their time on social media. You’ll need to know the age demographic you want to target, as well as the typical interests of your audience. David Chersonsky recommends keeping your finger on the pulse of the typical user age for various popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and others. Over time, the average user age on platforms tends to change, so David Chersonsky recommends checking this information before you launch a social media campaign, as well as every few months.

David Chersonsky also says that it’s smart to use a combination of regular and paid advertisements. Different types of marketing reach different audiences. When you pay for advertising, you’re able to hit different portions of your target market than you will when you use standard posts.

Instagram and Facebook stories are a great way to get to know your audience and form connections, according to David Chersonsky. As you prepare for your business launch, using these tools can share day to day changes within your business with your audience, helping them to get excited for the start of your business. You can also use these tools to poll your audience, create giveaways, and ask questions.

David Chersonsky also recommends responding to direct messages regularly. The old days of customers calling or writing to a business are over – now, it’s all digital. Younger users tend to communicate through social media platforms more often than by email. Responding to inquiries in a personalized, timely fashion helps to build trust in your business.

Questions through direct messages can also inform your future stories and posts. David Chersonsky recommends paying attention to the questions potential future customers are asking. If one person is curious about something, chances are, others are as well. Answer these questions on posts and in stories, and encourage your potential future customers to keep the questions coming.
Social media is constantly changing, and David Chersonsky recommends regularly reevaluating your approach. You’ll need to change your strategy regularly, and that’s not a sign of a poor initial strategy – it’s a sign that you’re doing the proper research to use social media in a way that benefits your business.